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Clementine (The Clockwork Century #1.1)

by Cherie Priest
Clementine (The Clockwork Century, #1.1)‘Clementine’ is a children’s book series which covers life of a creative eight-year-old girl written by author Sara Pennypacker. The writer has received many awards for her books including the Christopher Award.The storyline follows a girl called Clementine who is very active, artistic and curious but often being misunderstood by many authority figures around her. She is in third grade and can’t stand Margaret, her strict but kindhearted best friend and neighbor at the same time, using the ‘fourth-grade voice’. She is living in her carefree imaginative world. Only Clementine can ‘help’ her friend to get rid of glue in her hair by cutting it off. And then draw some curls on almost bald Margaret’s head using red markers. Only she can help the school principal by answering her phone. Only this girl can pay attention in class..just not to her classwork, but by watching the janitor locked in an embrace with the lunch lady.

One day, Margaret tells Clementine that every family has a hard and an easy child and she is definitely the hard one.

When Clementine hears that her family is preparing for the good-bye party she does not doubt that her family members are going to trade her in as they are tired of problems caused by their troublemaking kid. And guess what she is going to do with this situation? Of course, she will try to fix it all!

This amazing story has a lot to discuss and think about. It is full of fun, love, friendship, laugh and matters of family relationship and responsibility. Also it teaches great lessons and has great role models. You will be immersed in a little world of observant and risible girl whose good intentions frequently lead to mischief. ‘Clementine’ is a perfect reading for children from 7 to 10, but it also will be an interesting and useful pastime for youngsters and adults.

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